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AMIS Beatbox Music Instructor Singapore

Charles is the first AMIS* Beatbox Music Instructor in Singapore, and continues to set an industry standard for Beatboxing classes in MOE Schools.

Beatboxing Course for Primary Schools

  • MOE Registered Beatboxing Instructor
  • AMIS certified Beatboxing Instructor
  • NAC Course Approved
  • Customisable Course Duration:  1 Lesson to 12 Lessons.
  • Customisable Lesson Length: 30 Minutes to 3 Hours
  • Absolute beginners with no experience are allowed
  • Produce clean beats in a correct sequence
  • Impress others on a stage or in a personal setting with friends
  • No counter productive vocal exercises that are a waste of time
  • Students learn important stories life skills and values that are in line with the PAL and SEL themes.
  • Good Classroom Management Skills (Assistant Trainers are not necessary to hire)
  • Hassle free experience – No need for additional instrument purchase, as the instrument is their mouths
  • Tons of stories, life skills and experiences to enrich the pupils based on the PAL and SEL values
  • An Optional Beatbox Assembly Performance – just for you, your teaching colleagues, and your students see what beatboxing is all about!


  • None. Anybody can take this course.
  • Students must bring a pen and a paper/notebook.

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For your MOE Primary School Students in Singapore, Charles teaches your pupils how to Beatbox. All that is needed is a pen, a paper, and their open minds! Enjoy a Beatbox Course that is specially tailored to fit the appropriate length of your schedule, between 1 lesson to 12 lessons.

Whether your pupils want to the new beatbox kid in class, or just want to learn vocal percussion as an accompaniment to his arsenal of musical instruments, Charles will teach every student from the ground up, starting from a beginners level of beatboxing to progress on to more powerful impactful music.. that every single student will be able to do. No musical background is required.

Charles breaks down the art and the science of beatboxing, with a self made syllabus that is specially designed to cater to students with no musical knowledge, and students strong in music, at the same time. No student gets left behind.

Using healthy competition as a driving force throughout the lessons, Charles keeps every student on their toes so that together, everyone is able to achieve more.

Charles has taught as young as Primary 2 and as old as Primary 6 when it comes to Primary Schools. For a list of schools taught at, performances, and satisfied clients. click here. Contact him today!


*AMIS is the Art and Music Instructor Scheme, which allows schools in Singapore to enjoy benefits.

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