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Beatbox Freestyle

Charles Stitch Wong offers as part of his Beatboxing Show, a massive sound bank of Er Hus, Trumpets, Throat Basses and more using the art of freestyling to impress your clients. If you are an Event Company, Event Organiser or a member of a school looking for a beatbox freestyle performance, Charles would like to get in touch with you to perform at your event.

  • Great for events that want something unique and new
  • His freestyle is able to capture the audience’s attention throughout
  • Charles always links his freestyle into evergreen songs and top 40s that your audience can relate to
  • Also appropriate for collaborations

Available Events for Beatbox Freestyle:

Dinner and Dance Events

Outdoor Events

Indoor Events

Shopping Mall Performances

Competition Performances

Competition Judging

Birthday Parties


School Performances

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What is freestyling?

It is is the art of putting together beats, off the top of your head, that will greatly impress the audience. This technique is used internationally to increase the showmanship of the entertainer and to engage the audience on a deeper level. Whether you need Charles to throw in a crab scratch, or to drop some dubstep for your event, Charles guarantees to deliver an unforgettable show. Many genres of music are available for freestyle, including Hip Hop, Funk, Drum and Bass, Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Dubstep, 4-on-the-floor, and many more. Sometimes the best way to enter or to exit a song is to use freestyle to build up the audience’s anticipation, and then drop the beat!

Have you ever wondered how to make your crowd go wild? Charles uses freestyling as part of his solo act for a powerful show stopper. He is also able to use freestyling to collaborate with dancers, DJs, rappers, singers, acoustic bands, rock bands, other beatboxers, and many more.

Charles has judged Asian competitions, taught more than 14000 students, and performed for more than 100,000 members of the audience before. Engage his services today.

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