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Charles offers a Beatboxing Performance for your school’s assembly show. If you are a teacher, HOD, staff, principal or vice principal of a school looking for healthy entertainment to show your pupils, Charles would like to get in touch with you.

What’s in Charles Stitch Wong’s School Beatbox Show?

Top 40s

Traditional Instruments

Beatbox Freestyle

Classical Music

Hip Hop Music

Michael Jackson Songs

Audience Participation

Evergreen Song Classics

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If you want something enriching for your students, hire Charles to perform beatboxing at your school.

Charles entices the students with trumpet sounds, er hu sounds, classical music, top 40s that they can relate to, and do enjoy a good laugh too when Charles gets students up on stage to learn beatboxing on the spot. The pupils are usually surprised themselves that they can actually do it!

All this comes with a message to the students that you can do whatever you set your mind to, and break past your old limits. Many stories and life skills are thought throughout the assembly showcase that will increase the enjoyment, values, and self esteem of the pupils.

In his Beatbox showcase, Charles fits into your school’s environment and matches the mood of the teachers and the pupils, in order to bring the show’s excitement to greater heights. Even f your students didn’t eat breakfast before coming to school.. Charles’ beatbox performance will energize them for the rest of the day!

It doesn’t matter whether your school is a Primary School, Secondary School, Tertiary School, Private School or even a Medical School, this will be a performance that you are guaranteed to enjoy. Enjoy beatbox entertainment in your school today!

*All song lyrics are edited and clean to be safe for student’s listening.



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