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AMIS Stomp Music Lesson Singapore

If you are an MOE Primary School Teacher / Head of Department looking for STOMP Percussion Classes for your Primary School Students, Charles would like to get in touch with you. Contact him here!

  • AMIS Certified Instructor
  • Highly interactive lessons
  • Turning Trash to Treasure is the main theme of STOMP – nothing, and no one, is rubbish
  • Students learn Teamwork and cooperation
  • Students with no musical background/theory will be able to pick this up immediately
  • Confidence Builder for students who need to feel a sense of achievement
  • Course ends in a class performance that will boost the student’s self esteem

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What is STOMP?

STOMP is the art of using every day items around you like Dustbins, pails, bottles, chopsticks, frying pans, whistles, and many more, to play music. Nothing is worthless or trash, everything, when struck or played in a different way, can be used to form music.

Teaching Style

There are low sounds, middle sounds and high sounds, and Charles engages the students fully with a highly interactive class that involves Audio, Visual, and Kinaesthetic, as he believes in capturing the attention of every single pupil in the class. For audio, he uses rhythmic patterns and games to catch back the attention of the pupils, for Visual, he writes and draws alot on the board, and for kinaesthetic, he makes the students do a lot of actions, gestures, pointing and postures to drive home important points like instrument holding techniques.

If you want something fun, simple and rewarding for your students, STOMP is a good class to pick. The learning curve for STOMP is less steep compared to other art forms, and yet the end product is loud, grand, and impressive.

Positive Energy

STOMP is a great non violent way to turn your pent up emotions into positive energy, by striking the instruments with strength, intensity, and unity. In an intrinsic way, students learn teamwork on a very deep level – Everyone needs to pull their weight and play their part together, and at the right time.

Charles has taught more than 14000 students before, and he believes that every student is a treasure waiting to be polished – they just need to be put into situations where they can succeed. Music classes are one of them. If you would like to give Charles a try, contact him today!

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