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AMIS Primary Singing Course

If you are an MOE Teacher who needs a course that teaches students all their favorite songs, while inculcating important values of teamwork and discipline, Charles’ Courses is able to offer that. Contact him here! 

  • MOE Registered Instructor
  • AMIS Certified Instructor
  • Singing Course Certified under NAC
  • Important techniques like breathing, support, and projection covered
  • Students learn teamwork and pulling their weight
  • Students’ singing get better each week

Enquire About Our Singing Course Today!

We offer a singing course that is fun and engaging for your students, and students look forward to singing classes as we do songs that they will be able to recognise, relate to, and enjoy. Charles believes in making his class as interactive and engaging as possible by reinforcing the important points with audio, visual and kinesthetic cues.

Charles always believes that the values learnt is more important than the music lesson itself. He always tries to inculcate the core values of the MOE Swiss Roll inside his lessons –

  • Responsibility
  • Resilence
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Care
  • Harmony

Music is only a means to the end, and the final goal is for the students to complete the course as a better person to himself and to society.

If you would like a singing class for your primary school students, contact Charles today!