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Beatbox Class Intermediate Singapore

After the Beginners Beatboxing Course, students are usually hungry to learn more and to see how much further they can go from there. Charles teaches beatboxing on a higher level that will wow your audience with more impressive sounds and more technical and intricate beats!

What’s in Charles Stitch Wong’s Intermediate Beatbox Class?

  • Classes held at each Individual’s Maximum Possible Speed to save time
  • Difficult sounds dissected down to the millisecond and what each mouth muscle is doing
  • Precise step by step way of mastering the sounds
  • No more wandering in the dark for weeks and months with tutorial videos: Charles pinpoints your errors and corrects them

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Intermediate Beatbox Class Singapore

In 6 Lessons, Charles teaches you complex sounds that will take the breath of your audience away. Gain the admiration of a big crowd or a small personal group of friends by dropping sounds never before thought possible with the mouth. Be the living, breathing sound effects machine among your friends, or take your beatboxing performance to the next level.

Maybe you want to learn how to hum and beat at the same time, or add the trumpet sound to your beat, or the siren sound as a powerful way to start your routine, or know how to collaborate with your friends or fellow beatboxers who are musically inclined.

Take your beatbox to the next level by taking classes.


1) Successful completion of Beginners Beatbox Course, OR

2) Demonstrated proficiency in Beatboxing Basics (Charles will meet you on a separate occasion to assess your level of skill. Fix an appointment with him here.

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If an intermediate class is too fast paced for you, consider taking a Beginners Class first.