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Classical Music Beatbox

Charles performs Classical Music Beatbox inside his beatbox segment. If you are an Events Organiser, Events Planner, a Classical Music Radio Station in Singapore or even a conductor who is trying out a fusion piece with a beatboxer and a band, Charles would like to get in touch with you.

  • Beatboxing Classical Music is unexpected and will catch your audience attention!
  • Hear popular tunes like Ode to Joy!

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Songs included:

Ode To Joy – Beethoven

Classical Music is not boring. When executed correctly, the audience is surprised and thrilled that classical music can be fused with an artform like beatboxing which is the 5th element of Hip Hop.

Charles sprinkles a snippet of classical music in his performance, when the audience least expects it, and ups the ante even more by increasing the tempo. See it to believe it.  Watch as he remixes classical sounds of the violin, with drum and bass beatboxing, for a beautiful fusion of old and new.

Element of surprise

What impresses all audiences is the element of surprise, and suddenly throwing in a classic that everyone can recognise, and then adding beatbox over it, is guaranteed to wow your audience. Beatboxing is a unique art form that will capture the attention and focus of your valued audience.

A show for everyone

Regardless of age, man or woman, adult or child, having a beatbox show will impress your crowd as it is heavy in audience interaction. Everyone will stop what they are doing and lend a ear to this performance!

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