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Competition Performances

Charles offers a Beatboxing show for your Competition Event. If you are organising a Competition and looking for entertainment ideas, Charles would like to get in touch with you.

What’s in his Beatbox Show?

Top 40s

Traditional Instruments

Beatbox Freestyle

Classical Music

Hip Hop Music

Michael Jackson Songs

Audience Participation(if appropriate)

Evergreen Song Classics

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Dance and Singing Competitions usually engage an external performer to entertain the guests in order to push the energy of the crowd back up. It is also to buy time for the judges to tabulate the scores.

Such performances need to be powerful and engaging enough for the audience to reconnect back to the stage, and it needs to be at a different level from the contestants so that the crowd will experience the show on a deeper emotional level.

Regardless of whether it is a Hip Hop Dance Competition, Singing PK, or a National Talent Time, Charles promises to deliver an impressive show.

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Charles also provides competition judging services.


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