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Outdoor Events

Charles performs a beatboxing showcase for your Outdoor Event Entertainment Needs. If you are an Outdoor Event Organiser or an Outdoor Event Company, Charles would like to get in touch with you to perform at your event.


Elements of his Show:

Evergreen Song Classics

Top 40s

Traditional Instruments

Beatbox Freestyle

Classical Music

Hip Hop Music

Michael Jackson Songs

Audience Participation

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Outdoor Events Performances are a powerful way to draw a wandering crowd back to the attention of the stage.

In order to do that, the performance needs to be something that people have never seen before, and amazing enough to make them stay.

Charles offers a powerful beatbox show that is capable of drawing crowds and sparking a deep interest in your clients at this open air event. After all, the more open your event is, the further his sounds can travel… and more crowds are going to stop in amazement to watch the performance.

Regardless of your outdoor venue, Charles beatboxes music that will relate to your clients. Here is an event performer that you will want on your show. Contact him today!



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