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Beatbox Music Classes: Secondary Schools, Tertiary Schools and Private Schools Singapore

Charles offers Beatbox Music Classes to your Secondary, Tertiary, or Private School.

  • Good Classroom Management Skills
  • Able to inspire the students with the new and upcoming Hip Hop trend of beatboxing
  • Teach them important life values, skills, and stories so that they take home more than just the music.
  • Empower the students with more than 9 sound effects
  • Educate the students on how to compose their own music.
  • Students will finish the course, being able to chase their music passion without the hassle or cost of instrument purchase.

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Beatboxing, the hidden art of creating beats, noises and sound effects with only the mouth, is now made available to all students who are willing to learn.

Students wondering how to beatbox will find that they will be able to do so after the course is completed. Charles outlines and dissects the art and the science of beatbox, and leaves no stone unturned.

Charles proves to the students and the teachers alike that there is a fixed recipe where one can produce music and create his own beats, and a proven path to get better and better.

Whether your students want to be the ace kid beatboxing in class, or would just like to add on yet another instrument to his portfolio, Charles guarantees maximum satisfaction in his beatboxing course.

Book him today for Beatbox Classes.

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