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Traditional Instruments

Charles beatboxes traditional instruments as part of his showcase. If you are an event organiser, event company, or a traditional instrument player looking for fusion ideas, Charles would like to get in touch with you.

Instruments offered:

    • Er Hu
    • Tabla

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Er Hu

The Er Hu is a chinese instrument that has 2 strings. Using slides, vibrato, and changing positions, the er hu produces piercing and emotionally powerful music that cuts through the attention of the audience and brings their eyes and ears back to the stage.


The Tabla is a membranophone indian percussion instrument made of goatskin. This “talking drum” produces catchy and upbeat rhythms to catch your client’s attention.

Performing Traditional Instruments leaves a powerful impression on your event’s audiences as it is unexpected yet highly authentic. When executed correctly, audiences are lavish with their applause.

From Chinese to Indian instruments, show watchers will be impressed that beatboxing, the 5th element of Hip Hop,  is able to produce sounds and songs other than drums, techno, trance, dubstep etc.

Hear a side of beatboxing that you have never heard before. Contact Charles today!


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