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Beatbox Classes

Charles offers a Beatboxing Course both for the hobbyist and the serious enthusiast.


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*The trial is to assess your abilities before you decide which course is suitable for you!


  • Private Classes for Group or Individual Setting
  • Basic and Intermediate Sounds will be taught
  • Students will be able to perform a short routine at the end of the course
  • Students will finish the program equipped with a new instrument – their mouth!
  • No hassle of purchasing an instrument
  • Time and Money efficient – Classes go at student’s maximum possible speed


  • None. Just bring a pen and paper.

Learn how to produce complete and impressive drum beats, without buying a drum kit or a drum set.

Learn how to create authentic musical instrument sounds, without spending money on buying the instrument or instrument maintenance.

Produce impressive sounds that a DJ makes, without shelling out cash on an expensive turntable.

And best of all, create your own beats accurately, using only a pen and paper, and a foolproof method that will never let your beat sound weird ever again.

Learn the Art of Beatboxing in Singapore.

Asia Beatbox Championships Judge Charles Stitch Wong breaks down the complexity of beatbox into something simple enough that even beginners will be able to pick up. Dissected down to its basic elements, children as young as 7 are able to pick up skill.

No one is too old nor too young to beatbox. Neither does musical background play a part – feel free to enter the beatboxing class from Ground Zero.

Contact Charles today for a lesson specially customized to your current level of beatboxing, or if you are complete beginner wanting to learn more.

Beginners Beatbox Class

Intermediate Beatbox Class

AMIS Instructor Beatbox Class (Only applicable to MOE Primary Schools)

Beatbox Classes (Non Primary Schools)


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