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Beatbox Class Beginners Singapore

Beatbox For Beginners

If you are a beginner who wants to learn how to produce cool hiphop beats that you can use in performances, recordings, or battles, we would love to get in touch with you.

What’s in Charles Stitch Wong’s Beginners Beatboxing Course?

  • 6 Lesson Course
  • Absolute beginners with no experience are allowed
  • Produce clean beats in a correct sequence
  • Impress others on a stage or in a personal setting with friends
  • No counter productive vocal exercises that are a waste of time
  • Classes are held at your maximum possible speed so that no money or time is wasted

Enquire About Our Beatbox Class Beginners Today!

In this course, we take students who have no musical background at all, to start with the art of producing accurate sounds with their mouths – in a rhythm. The apparent complexity of the artform is broken down into simple, bite size chunks.

Charles has taught students as young as 7 years old how to beatbox, with success.

The Fastest Way to Learn Beatbox

Sometimes, Online tutorials may take a long time. I took a very long time in order to pick up certain sounds, until I learnt from proper teachers, live. This is because while online videos are free, they are not able to detect what your mistakes are. Many times we get caught up wanting to learn everything on our own, that we forget that sometimes, it may just take 5 minutes of an observer’s help to help you with what you may take 5 months to improve in.

Learn Something Cool

Maybe you feel like you want to reach your full potential with music lessons, so that you can impress yourself more, be a better musician, or a better performer. Or maybe you want to show your classmates that you have acquired a new skill. Perhaps you want to be a powerful street performer, Whatever your end goal is, we are



None. Anybody can take this course.

Contact Charles today for beatboxing classes!

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