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Charles offers beatboxing for your wedding. If you are Wedding Planner, Wedding Organiser, a bride, or a groom, Charles would like to get in touch with you to perform at your event.

What’s in Charles Stitch Wong’s show? (For Weddings, only the appropriate will be chosen.)

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Are you looking for wedding entertainment ideas that will wow your guests? Do you want to give your wedding a spicy twist? Something that your audience have never seen before, making your wedding one of the the most memorable ones that they have been to in any given year? Charles performs a beatbox performance for your wedding. Performing this unique act at a wedding is bound to make heads turn, and this will be one of the more unique acts that that audience will enjoy. It will definitely leave an impression on your guests.

Is Beatboxing Appropriate for a Wedding?

Yes, if the vocal percussion is executed tastefully. Charles’ beatboxing goes at a moderate pace for weddings, and also performs songs with love themes. Dressed smartly in a suit (no hoodies, baggy pants etc!), the performance is delivered elegantly and powerfully.

Tips on Hiring a Performer for a Wedding:

1) Don’t hire a beatboxer who is in his/her own world, bulldozing his way through with beats that are too fast and freestyle that nobody can relate to. While that signifies skill and technique in the beatboxing community, it is not something that the audience will connect with on an emotional level.

2) Look for a beatboxer who can do popular/evergreen songs so that your audience can relate to them. Fitting the theme of love is also crucial. Arrange a meetup with the performer first to ensure that he/she is appropriate for your wedding, and that the performer will be able to execute it with class, so as to upkeep the standard of the most memorable day of your life.



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