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AMIS Guitar Singapore

If you are an MOE teacher looking for quality music lessons to teach your primary school students how to play the Guitar, Charles would like to get in touch with you. Contact him today!

  • AMIS Certified Guitar Instructor
  • Able to teach students from scratch
  • Charles makes guitar so simple that even Primary 3 Students are able to play it well
  • Frets numbers, String numbers, and Chords taught
  • Highly Engaging Instructor
  • Students learn an easy way to pick up this instruments
  • Students with zero music theory/experience can learn the guitar
  • Grade 8 LCM Guitar
  • Taught 14000 students (for a full list of his classes and performances, click here)

Enquire About Guitar Classes Now!

If you would like to find out more about Charles Guitar Classes, Contact him here!

Having performed for more than 100,000 members of audience before, Charles always brings his real life experiences to the classroom when he is educating the pupils on Guitar. It can be small and practical things like, “What kind of ending strumming patterns will result in applause, and what patterns wouldn’t?” His classes are highly interactive, and he believes in AVK learning (Audio, Visual and Kinaesthetic Learning) -He uses rhythm to catch back the student’s attention, draws and writes all important pointers, chord diagrams, and notes on the board, and uses actions and pointing to reinforce important points, like the posture, direction, and parts of a guitar.

Charles also believes in imparting the MOE 21st Century Core Competencies to the students whenever possible, as he believes that the values learnt from the lesson is always more important than learning the music.

As much as possible, he tries to teach his students to be

  • Confident Learners
  • Self Directed Learners
  • Concerned Citizens
  • Active Contributors

Charles has taught more than 14000 students before, and from feedback forms, almost all of Mr Charles’ students want him to continue teaching them! If you would like to find out more, please contact us here.