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“Charles ‘Stitch’ Wong performed in front of audiences totaling nearly 500 at the inaugural ArtScience Late event at ArtScience Museum on 22 May 2014, supported by VJ Quincy Teofisto. Charles demonstrated immense skill at beat-boxing in an assured and confident performing style. The result was a riveting display of vocal dexterity. Charles involved the audience with charisma, adding further enjoyment to the event. We were delighted to be able to present our audience with a performing arts showcase of such quality, and one which truly engaged everyone present. Honor Harger, Executive Director, ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands

“Charles “Stitch” Wong is an exceptional artist.  His performances are simply captivating and sensational. Stitch brings a fresh approach to music appreciation through the combination of his masterful skill in beat boxing and singing talent.”Vanini Belarmino, Curator and Producer

“Charles was sensational in his performance. He totally wowed the audience with his genius display of beatboxing skills.” – Champ Tan, Music & Movement (S) Pte. Ltd.

Coolest thing I’ve ever done in my life: Beatboxing. Thank you Mr Charles for Teaching 5G” – Adinda, NCPS

“The performance was exhilarating and remarkable.
Charles Wong was very engaging with the pupils who were enthused by his performance.
Both the pupils and teachers were enthralled by his delightful repertoire of beat box performance. The pupils readily came up on stage to participate with him.
An extraordinarily amazing performance by Charles Wong.” – Naseer Ghani HOD of Aesthetics, New Town Primary School

“I enjoyed the course. Comments from both teachers and pupils are very positive. They like and enjoy the lessons very much. The instructors were up to standard, showing and imparting the required level of skill. You are very professional in your teaching and is also very disciplined with the pupils which can only be done with years of experience. I believe that more improvements can be made if the lessons are longer.

Thank you so much for your support also during our school event like National Day Concert where you turned up to demonstrate and performed for the pupils. You were also around to give support to the Beatboxing Performers. A very big Thank You!”

– Mdm Stephanie Chua, Subject Head of Aesthetics – Nan Chiau Primary School


“Whenever I am bored, I will challenge other people in beatbox. I would prefer more lessons so that we can get better.– Afizwan, DQPS

I enjoy Mr Charles teaching us the new sound and showing us some music. I would like to have more lesson with him. Maybe can extend the time.– Kelly Lai, DQPS

“The instructor is fun and making it more interesting for us. (We would like to have) level 2 beatboxing.” – Tan Ting Li, DQPS

Beatboxing is very fun and interesting. Not only it is free, you do not need to buy instruments and it could be done anywhere.” – Lai Mun Tzen, DQPS

“Easy to follow instructions, clarity of explanations and interesting insights.” – Austin Ho, CHS

“The course was humorous and effective throughout the well-planned duration of the course. I look forward to another course with them.” – Aidan Ong, CHS

How amazing we could let out sounds that sounded like it came from the speaker.” – Kai Xuan, CHS

“The performance was great. Students and teaching staff all enjoyed the performance.” – Charmaine Chiang, Raffles Institution

“I like it when Mr Charles showed us a lot of awesome sounds that made me in awe. ☺☺☺☺ ” – Lim Shi Ying, NCPS

I absolutely enjoy beatboxing course as Mr Charles was very impressive and pupils really concentrate during his lesson.” – Nur, NCPS

Lessons were fun and enjoyable. Reasonably paced so the students’ interests were always at the highest level. Charles was able to improvise content based on the class’s level. Excellent course.” – Erica Yeo Khoo, NCPS

“Thank you Charles, really appreciate you for coming down to showcase beatbox to our students. Your Performance was good and engaging, majority of the audience was interested by listening attentively to your wonderful performance. Hope we can have the opportunity to work together in future. Thank you.” Mrs Janet Heng, FMS

I enjoy the course very much. Charles is very polite and patient, I feel very encouraged and willing to learn more. Hence, I would like to take this opportunity to thank him.”  Mrs Goh, ATPS

很喜欢老师边唱边弹边教,非常好听。” – Chang Ying, ATPS

“What did I enjoy about the course: (The last round of beatbox battle, where two of the boys are battling) for the last man standing.– Humaira, CVPS

“Very good. A very  experienced educator. I learned a lot of beatbox basic concepts from the instructor.” – Miss Dira, CVPS

“The Instructors were very fun & enthusiastic and it made the class very interesting & enjoyable.” – Sharon Lin, Deloitte

The beatbox assembly programme conducted by Charles Wong was interesting, engaging and an eye-opener for the pupils. It provided pupils with an insight and exposure to a unique Art form not commonly accessible to most pupils. Pupils learnt how they could use their voices as an instrument to create different music. The pupils and even staff enjoyed the performance very much!” – Abigail, TWPS

“Had a platinum package for my client engagement events, the skilled performance was absolutely entertaining. My guest enjoy themselves during the audience participation as well.” – Paul Wong, Senior Operation Manager, Certis CISCO Aviation Security

“A big thank you for your superb performance at our wedding dinner. Our guests are very impressed by your singing and beatbox skills. Thanks again for making my wedding a special one.” – Kenneth Chin

Uplifting and engaging performance, which students can relate to.” Esther James, New Town Secondary School

“Charles’ performances are engaging. He is able to capture the audience’s attention with his ability to do a remix of oldies and pop music.” – Min Xing, CDAC

SUAVE and HIGHLY ENTERTAINING! Charles did his magic to entertain our members with just his rhythm and beat of his lips, mouth and throat! Adding a harmonica with his modern styled beat boxing moves that produces a genre of music hits with a groove! Awesome Entertainment for the whole family! A BEAT that you will not want to miss!” – Christopher Spencer, ONE°15 Marina Club

“Instructor was friendly and very helpful. The course was well taught, well executed overall.” – Patrick, RI

I enjoyed the interaction and examplary engagement between instructor & students.” – Teacher, DMSS

“The students were very engaged.” – Adrian, CHS

“The instructor is very friendly, he has passion in what he is doing and have the urge to share it to others. The environment is totally lively.” – Arryl, CHS

“Prior to the course I knew nothing much of beatboxing. Mr Charles made me realise the beauty of beatboxing.” – Ryan, CHS 

I like the part where we had the cipher game.” – Joycelyn, TPS

“The engagement between the students and the instructor was interesting. The students enjoyed the session!” – Vernicia, JMPS

I enjoyed the most is when 2 teams battled each other that i wish the course could be longer.” – Wen Han, JMPS

I enjoyed learning new beats and collaborating with other classes.” – Lais, WSPS

Engaged the pupils very wellgood classroom management and good performance skills.” – Michelle, MFPS

“ITE College Central has been engaging Charles Wong from Advent Music for beatbox training for the Beat Out Loud CCA Club since 2010.

Charles is very experience trainer in coaching our students and the students like his way of teaching very much. He is able to engage and teach them the techniques skills of using vocals/mouth to create different sounds and beats of music.

He is also able to explain and elaborate the methods using layman terms so that our students understand them better and apply into practice.

In terms of lessons plan, he is flexible and plan according to the needs of the students. His training sessions are interactive and fun, encouraging students to use their creative thinking to choreograph their performance. 

The Club is happy to be able to work with him to nurture and develop our students’ potential in performing arts.” – Joan, ITE CC

“A huge thank you Charles for playing so beautifully on my Brother’s special day. Your service was professional, friendly and stress-free from start to finish and on the day your performance was perfect. we receiveed nothing but raving positive feedback from our guests – they were all very impressed with you. I would recommend booking Charles in a second to anyone who would like some light guitar musical entertainment. Just wonderful!” – Deborah

“Charles you are my inspiration and Talented guy that I ever met.

Hope to have 50% of your skills. And I will be gratefully to you”

Beatbox Student
Desmond Tan
Housing Agent

“Hi Charles , justin thoroughly enjoys the beatbox n guitar lessons during these holidays. He sure looks forward to all his lessons and he is always very eager to practice at home. Thanks for all the good effort to engage him. We certainly will support his interest. Till we meet…..Merry Christmas n cheers to good health n wealth.”  Gratia

“We are impressed with Charles’ performance. He catered to our needs and requirements despite last minute notices. Thank you for making our event a successful one!” – Jolin, Eventure Group Pte Ltd

“Hi Charles! Thank you so much for teaching me how to beatbox. You’re a really patient and encouraging teacher and I appreciate that you went at a pace that was suitable for me. You’re also very easy going! Thank you so much:)” – Jessica 

“Our teachers were really impressed. You were the talk of the day!” – Wai Leng, NBPS

“Our school staff and students enjoyed the performance put up by Charles Wong . Aside from showcasing his amazing skills and versatility in beat-boxing, he also kept the spirits of the audience up by getting them up on stage to try out simple rhythms in beat-boxing. We enjoyed the show thoroughly.Thanks!” – Yingyi, BRSS

“Thanks so much for a great show!! Was an amazement for both teachers and students! ” – Miss Lee Min Er, Northlight School

“Assembly was excellent (and) celebrated the students talents.” – Northlight Principal, 2016

“Thanks Charles for the wonderful performance. The kids adore you! Great job! Looking forward to work with you next time!” – Faith, BHPS

“The Assembly yesterday was definitely engaging, exciting and fun for both pupils and teachers.” – Siti, CBPS

“It was very engaging and enriching for the pupils. Pupils participated fully and enjoyed a lot. Charles had good management and was very positive.” – Germaine, WVPS

“The Beatboxing lesson was fun and the beats were cool.” – Janani, WVPS

“Thanks for the performance and help in the DND. The client completed enjoyed it and we felt that it was very professional a standard on your side. Before even performing on stage. It shows in your showmanship, and we are very impressed. We will propose you for more events in future to come!” – Yuko, Minus2Plus Productions 

“A one of a kind performance! The pupils and the teachers were impressed with the awesome performance put up!” – Mei Teng, TKPS

“I enjoyed Mr Charles was very nice and the way he taught was very fun.“ – Isabelle, ATS

“I like it that we get to battle and really hear our voices.“ – Victoria, ATS

“Charles had good knowledge of the subject matter – Beatboxing and could engage the pupils.“ – Yinlin, ATS

“I enjoyed learning new beats and i will be interested in taking a level 2 course.” –  Sofia, FMS

“The Beatbox lesson was engaging and enriching, i enjoyed myself thank you!” –  Shi yin, FMS

“Charles did a good job ending the lesson series with a song that the pupils liked – good stretch activity after assessment. The range of songs was good. Appreciate the incorporation of community songs in the guitar song sheet.” – Eunice, MFPS

“Thanks for the wonderful performance last night.” – Ashlyn

“Charles’ performance was indeed an engaging and high-energy one. The crowd enjoyed it and we received very positive feedback! We do look forward to more collaborations in future.” – Grace, SDC

“We had the privilege of having a beatbox assembly programme by Charles on 25/8/16.  The students were very engaged during the performance as Charles demonstrated a variety of beatbox techniques and styles like rapping/ singing/ humming while beatboxing.

After the performance, the students were so inspired to try beatboxing that they attempted to beatbox during dismissal. The teachers also enjoyed the performance and some were pleasantly surprised that all the sounds were made by Charles as they thought there was a backing track. It was a great exposure to the endless possibilities of sounds that our mouths could create.” – Angela, CTPS

“Everyone (including the Teachers!) in the auditorium was wow-ed and engaged throughout the entire performance! Very impressive beatboxing skills! Best assembly programme of the year!” – Yushan, HCI

“Westwood Pri Sch engaged Charles Wong for a beatbox assembly programme to launch our Arts Fiesta and it was indeed a treat for our pupils and staff. The pupils were very engaged throughout the whole session and the staff also enjoyed the performance.

The pupils learnt what beatbox is and we especially liked the interaction part where selected pupils get to do beat-boxing and even the teachers. Kudos to Charles for the entralling and interesting programme!” – Lee Min, WWPS

“I received very good feedbacks from my colleagues. Thank you very much for the great show!” – Xiaojing, WRPS

“The Beatbox lesson was engaging and enriching, i enjoyed myself thank you!” – Shi Yin, FMSP

“I feel proud of myself for Beatboxing because usually i can’t do it but now i can!” – Tui Ming, BDSS

“Charles did a fantastic job engaging the students with his beatboxing skills. The students were grooving to his music and even after the programme, we could hear some of them still beatboxing away.

He was able to relate to the students and performed songs that were familiar to them (both age and language appropriate).

Thanks for working hard at entertaining and educating our students. Everyone at Punggol View had a good time at the show.” – Melody Leong, PVPS

“I enjoyed working with my friends Regis and David, they helped me to improve a lot in beatboxing and Charles also helped them a lot in beatbox games.” – Nesh, FMS

“Mr Stitch was very patient and tried to help us improve beatboxing and make the lessons fun.” – Chloe, ATPS

“I enjoyed that we could learn a skill (Beatboxing) in a fun way.” – Yuan Hermg, ATPS

“Mr Charles helped me to master the awesome beatbox and made me where I am now.” – Syidaad, TKPS

“I enjoy how we create our own freestyles and  I think this beatbox lesson can have more lessons as 9 lesson is too little.” – Bernice, TKPS

“Charles was very entertaining and was very clear with his Beatbox instructions. – Ryan, RI

“I really enjoyed how a very wide range of beatboxing was explained and taught to us. The teaching pace was just right!!” – Naomi, MGS

“I enjoyed learning how to make noises and imitate sounds.” – Yunjie, CHIJ St Nicks

“Lessons are very well planned and executed, with scaffolding so that pupils are able to pick up the skills and techniques with ease. Charles were also very encouraging and infuse school values like resilience, self-discipline, respect and responsibility in the lessons.” – Jonathan, TKPS 

“The Beatbox examples/performance by instructors motivates the students and resulting to the students wanting to learn more.” – Mrs Rachel, CVPS

“I like the Beatbox games and the teacher taught us how to beatbox, we could have longer lessons.” – Sharvamaya, CVPS

“I enjoyed the teachers samples, it was very professional and the instructor was very patient with us.” – Rachel, CVPS

“Thanks Charles, the show Stitch FM, The Human Radio was very enjoyable and interactive. The students and teachers were full of praise of your assembly programme. We’ll definitely contact your company for future modular programmes.” – Sandra, AIPS 


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