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Beatbox Performer – What’s in his show?

Charles has structured his beatbox show to provide maximum satisfaction and enjoyment to your audience.

Beatboxing is a powerful and amazing show stopper when executed correctly – it plays on the audience’s amazement to see everything being produced using only one mouth.

What’s in his show?

Top 40s

Traditional Instruments

Beatbox Freestyle

Classical Music

Hip Hop Music

Michael Jackson Songs

Audience Participation(if appropriate)

Evergreen Song Classics

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Charles stands out from the other performers with beatboxing. His show segment is an Epic mix of Evergreen Classics, Top 40s, and even dubstep (dub step). For this art form, mixes SFX like trumpets, drums, and violins in a brilliant combination of rhythms when he drops the beat. Impress your audience with this talented performance! Whether you need a Grand Opening for your valued clients, or something as simple as a high energy street performer, Charles is ready for hire.

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